An inner dialogue (Part 1)

MysteriesRecently it has become a habit to not sit still with the questions that keep nagging at me. Instead, I write them down… and wait. Wait until something opens up and connects me with a stream of energy and words. Words that mostly pinpoint the issue and often move me to tears. Now I’d like to share some highlights of this inner dialogue with you.

Q: How can I become happy?

A: Realize happiness as the ground of your Being. Don’t bury yourself in wavering and whining. Everything is prepared, it could not be more beautiful. Your happiness is to be in contact with yourself, to behold the purest light of your soul. Forgive yourself for losing sight of your own light. See the beauty, grace, fortitude in there, too. You are in the middle of a critical phase. The words come steady, but not always they can reach you. It all has to be reviewed in order to fall into place. You cannot do it, neither can you prevent it from happening. You can only decide whether you keep resisting – and hence suffer. Or surrender. In the very moment you let yourself go, your seeking and your finding, your longing and your salvation become one. Don’t consume all your lives in the battle against yourself. Allow yourself to forgive. Allow yourself to receive mercy. Allow yourself to be happy, to be just the way you are.

Walk His way

You come from God and you return to God. It’s quite common to regard this as a truth if the “coming from” means the time before you were born, and “returning” relates to the time after your physical death. But try to assume that you come from and return to God in literally every moment as it arises.
As you walk to the bus, the shopping mall or to a friend, feel the space behind your back as the past, the space that you walk into as the future and your viewpoint as your present experience of the melting point in which the whole world takes form. Feel the vastness of this extraordinary event that you awake to: coming from the One, returning to the One – with every step that you take. Try not to believe the thought “coming from God, returning to God”, for this is not the real experience. Try to feel, try to become the experience of God in motion.