An inner dialogue (Part 2)

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Recently it has become a habit to not sit still with the questions that keep nagging at me. Instead, I write them down… and wait. Wait until something opens up and connects me with a stream of energy and words. Now I’d like to share some highlights of this inner dialogue with you.

Q: Is there a predetermined plan for our lives? And if so, what about the free will?

A: You should know that every little movement is part of a much greater movement. No-thing is predetermined or written in stone. Your world only appears to be solid, but it is a part of the great river, too. And the same is true for the decisions you make. They are a result of the past movement and influence the future movement. The decision itself originates from your divine nature, no matter if you are aware of it or not. Your decisions determine the meanders, the slopes, the speed of the river. Whether the river empties into the sea or not is not part of your power, though. All water stems from the One Source, and to the Source it will ultimately return. This is the unalterable frame, and also the reason and the source of hope and comfort within the human heart. Not a single drop ever gets lost.