(Deutsch) Der Widder und der Esel

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If you want to serve the feminine, honor the man within you


source: http://www.louisparsons.com/soul-art-collection/

Of course this sentence also works the other way round: if you want to meet the man your heart longs for, you have to worship the goddess within you.

Often we get caught in projections – because you don’t see me, respect me, admire me, because you don’t love me enough, I cannot be happy. We make the behaviour of our partner to our self-love’s condition and are now dependent on him or her. This dependence again lets us lose our magnetism. Hence we experience rejection which lets us attack our partner – and so on and so forth… In the end we find ourselves losing the trust, respect for ourselves AND our partners.

That’s why I ask you, man: can you be on your own, close to your pain? Can you be intimate with it, feel it, and hold it like a mother holds her new-born child? Can you stand sensing the loneliness which is an unavoidable part of our human experience? Cultivate this presence with and within you and you’ll attract the opening of the female heart.

And I ask you, woman: can you be with the intensity of your heart’s longing in his absence? Can you breath with it, can you allow it to grow and glow? Can you sink into the wisdom of your pelvis, into the craving of your cells, crying out for his presence? What a power that is! Just breath with it, and feel yourself shining from within. In the moment you surrender to the intensity of your overflowing heart, you let him be, you let him free. Now he can choose your beautiful heart out of his free will and be the gift which he is to the divine feminine.

(Deutsch) Von der Angst geführt zum Leben

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