Self Guidance

To be deeply seen means to experience Love and Healing. Together we create a space in which we meet in intimacy. We leave behind the usual hide & seek-game which is in control most of our every-day-life. Something comes to a halt, there is a sweet silence and a presence which is larger than the both of us. Information pops up, and intuition will guide me to the core of your question. My emotional body opens up to you, and together we feel through whatever there is to feel. Both light and shadow, contractions and potentials become visible and therefore can unfold. As your past integrates, the future reaches out to you from your deepest Heart.
I prefer using skype (audio/ video) for the sessions, but telephone is also possible. The session will be recorded, so you can listen to it afterwards. If you’re close to Marburg or Heidelberg (Germany), we can arrange a “physical” meeting, too.
Pricing for a 60 minute Session is $120 (90€) for an individual, and $160 (120€) for couples. 

«I want to say a big THANK YOU for your valuable inspiration. This has set a lot in motion for me. Now, and hopefully even more in the future, I allow myself to think and feel in completely new dimensions… And my mantra for now is: ‘not even sky is the limit’.

It’s good to know that you’re there.»


«Sascha has the gift of naming things in a way they make sense right away. Three or four words are enough for him to pinpoint that which I could only sense vaguely. Now a pathway emerges that leads to a change/ expansion of one’s own being: an opening. This opening was directly mirrored and accompanied in a deeply connected way. In this manner he supports the certainty of being on the right path. One has reached the point of change, and can feel how things are moving inside.»


«I’d like to thank you once again. You have shown me some very important Issues. I can see the golden light, the warrior and the bard within me. I can access and use my inner STRENGTH again!»


«I don’t know where to begin…

You are most likely the first who could touch me so deeply at a first meeting. It felt so RIGHT to me to ask you for guidance. After the first session something had changed already. I was closer to myself.

From the start you were direct, open, empathetic and creative in finding new ways. Impressing. Because of you I have already found so much peace within me. Often I pause and smile to myself. And I have the impression that it’s growing from session to session. It’s even hard to bear, so happy I am in these moments.»


«Thank you so much for the session. I am still softened and a little shaken by the depth that we reached together. I am grateful for you having opened this direct, yet subtle space for me. That made the encounter with myself, with you and my father possible. It feels like I emerged. Now a breakthrough is initiated, thank you Sascha!»


«You sense so incredibly well what is present in me. Through your sensing I learn to sense myself, to put faith in it, to be with it, to not be afraid of it. I learn to find a way out of ignorance, denial and rigidity… the way of your sensing is exactly my way – a way opened by the deep love flowing in and out of you…

Formerly plugged and numb subtle channels are cleared and opened. Something comes into flow, the lump in my throat loosens, dissolves more and more…

I have never expected such a ‘treasure’ at the core of this clutter. In one session I really had the feeling of passing a dark gate –  all this cold and darkness, the uncertainty and confusion, the trembling and doubting and all that I experienced, turned out to be nothing threatening or bad. By going through all of that I could sense that I am loved and welcomed by life. I could feel it strongly moving through the cells of my body, so immensely fresh and new and unfamiliar… like a rebirth…»


«Thank you again for yesterday’s session. You are indeed blessed with a deep intuition and you are willing to give yourself with your whole being into the process.
Now it’s on me to integrate that which you opened up to me in this great hour.»


«The words that flowed to me through Sascha do not sound mundane. They come from a plane that I am invited to access, in order to widen the perspective beyond my present horizon – invited to the next step of the unfolding.

I feel seen, touched and strengthened. ‘The eternal light needs the carrier of the torch who walks and talks despite the weight of his burden’. Words for me, and above that: thank you for having the guts to speak out that which wants to flow to us down the mountain.»