Guidance for Men

“I’d like to go to the moon. There lives a Man, they say.” Jeanne Moreau


If there’s a chance in every crisis, the Man of the 21st century is facing a major chance. In the midst of radical changes we just don’t know what to do with ourselves. Who do I want to be, and what does the world want me to be? There is an overwhelming list of dos and dont’s for progressive males: be sensitive, but don’t be a pansy. Be strong, but don’t be brute. Be successful, but be there for your family, too. Be independent, but be available. Be spiritual, but be present on the market-place…

How shall he be, the New Man?

Men are confused. We want to make it right, but noone tells us what this is and how it works. Many are overwhelmed and helpless in their inner exile. We long for connection, support and brotherhood, but we are afraid and ashamed to show who we really are.

In a guided session you can relax into who you are

With my support, you take back what is yours: the strength and the heart, your autonomy and your connectedness, your smallness and greatness. Discover the warmth and safety of an authentic, trustworthy and true male relationship that helps you to embody your whole human potential.

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