Crisis and Stress Management

He who overcomes crisis overcomes himself, without getting overcome. – Albert Einstein


Somtimes life forces us to cope with difficult situations. An event or a chain of events does not allow us to live on like nothing has happened. What was true one day ago is now completely gone, we feel lost and overwhelmed by the ongoing events. The causes can be of many kinds: the loss of a loved one, stress in the professional or familial realm, accidents and physical illnesses, examinations, relocation, or simply periods of re-orientation and personal change. There might be even more than one factor, and it is very releaving and beneficial to have professional support in times like these.

In a session we bring light into the situation – what is the first priority here? What can be done, and what has to be held and felt? What can bring releave and support? Are there emotional and thinking patterns which cause suffering? Is it time to just stay centered, or is it time for a major change?

Simple breathing and relaxing exercises help to get centered, re-adjust the mind and to live through the changes. Experience support and discover the strength within you which you need in order to bring a sense of peace back into your life.

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