Potential Development

“Our greatest potential is not a profession or something we do. It is to find in our attunement to an intelligence beyond our beliefs.”


Potential Development is a coaching which leads to the un-covering of your Natural Condition. We are all born as Creators, free and connected, yet caught in self-forgetfulness. In order to develop our potential, it is not necessary to collect more knowledge or to enhance our abilities. Instead we need to penetrate through the false layers of our Selves and re-own the treasure of our innate Beauty.

“Potential Development is a process of Death and Rebirth. To become what you are you have to leave behind who you have never been.”

In a session I help you to reclaim your treasure, to adjust your antenna to your own soul’s frequency and to turn the volume up. If needed, we will focus on existing attachments, unravel emotional knots and burst the chains of limited thinking.

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