Some “hard facts” about me


  • Born 1982 in Marburg, Germany
  • Married since 2012
  • Studies of geography, political science and communication design
  • Occupational therapist since 2011
  • 10 years work experience with handicapped people
  • Since 2010 Assertiveness Coach for handicapped men
  • More than 12 years as a singer on stage and in the studio, at last with the rock band “SINEW

My Journey to the Core

The wake-up call

My conscious journey to myself started in 2007 after a split-up. I found myself in a deep identity crisis which made my known world uninhabitable. It was an unpleasant wake-up call, urging me to change in a fundamental way. I didn’t want to conitnue living in such an unfulfilled and miserable way. Today I know: this was the best that could have happened to me. From this time forward seeking lead me to the most wonderful people and inner places, formerly unknown to me. I met great teachers and mentors such as Thomas Hübl, Andrew Cohen, Shahabuddin David Less, Shlomo Shoham and others. In their presence I started to remember the parts of myself which I forgot. Ken Wilber and the Integral Theory should change my way of thinking profoundly. Alongside with that my priorities in life and its direction changed dramatically. For example, I decided to quit my design studies in order to become an occupational therapist. This I did out of a longing to work close to other human beings and to let my gifts be of service for those in need. Above that I met and married Sabrina, who should become the most important spiritual teacher for me.

Working with handicapped people

img_1866_lbb More than ten years of working with physically and mentally challanged people at AG Freizeit e.V. taught me patience, humility and gratitude. Starting 2008, together with my collegue Manuel Will I’ve developed and implemented an Assertiveness Training for handicapped boys and adult males («Männerunde der AG Freizeit e.V.»).


Working with the shadow has accompanied the spiritual orientation from the start. I love it to dig deep, both on my own and with others. Thomas Hübl’s «Sharing the Presence» introduced me to a way of relating and communicating which made great sense to me right away. Enchanted about the degree of initmacy, I learned how «Transparent Communication» integrates shadow work with spiritual awakening. This inspired me to develop Self Guidance as a way to relate in a deep and wholesome way to a client. Over the years of practice my subtle energy body opened and refined – to me a wonderful and rich instrument that allows me to sense and feel another human being from within. The realms of the soul and intuition have become a field of astounishing insight and experience. I learned that all the wisdom and truth is available to everyone at any time – all you need to know is how to open yourself to the place within that knows.

The Art of Consciousness

76664_4696021364173_95358929_nThe Evolution of Consciousness is also the pivotal element of my artistic endeavor. For nine years I was the singer of SINEW, a modern and progressive rock band. During this time we played more than 130 live-shows and released two albums, enthusiastically received by fans and press. The Voice is my most intimate instrument which I use also for the sessions and workshops. Toning and singing can be the gateway to the realm of the soul and the heart. Through finding our unique, natural voice we give our soul a body, we can touch the hearts of one another and be in touch with the divine at the same time.Kunstcircle As a member of the «Inner Science Circle Art and Consciousness» I work together with other artists, researching the connection between arts and the evolution of consciousness. How does the alignment with the Creative Impulse change the artist, his art and the culture he or she lives in? What is the source of inspiration, and can we learn to step into inspired states as individuals and, more important, as a collective?

The next step

My own journey has brought me to the fascinating insight that we as the human species have never lived in a time with such exciting opportunities. There is a new culture emerging, aware both of its own creative power and its responsibility for the greater whole. This inspires me to enflame the divine spark in the human being and to help it become a fire. We are called to shape the transformation of our inner and outer world, to bring our love, energy and compassion into our relationships, our corporations, our culture. In this sense I see my role as a midwife for the next step of human development, excited to come together with people who share the same longing for new wholeness.